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This mouseover image of Luis F Molina was taken on 08-25-2005 by his youngest son -then 12-yr.
For three weeks,
I'll review your enterprise
and will provide you
with recommendations
to optimize your results.
[If you will allow me, of course.]

    Taken from the EF-TTT page:
    An EXTERNAL FOCUS must be provided for achievement of optimal performance by
    individuals and groups. This, for example, is how the President of the United States
    [Republican or Democratic] does his / her job –through receiving constant advice and
    assistance. We are prepared to be your source of external views and support -to your
    complete satisfaction.
    Luis Molina
Several images are glimpsed in this OS' logo: a winding road (the S of Solutions in the O of Optimal), two complementary parts like matching parts of a puzzle, ocean and land meeting, the clasp of two hands
Your enterprise may be a company (either of goods
........or services), institution, duty, task or endeavor.
Your results will be great; and if they are already great,
            they will be better.
Diminishing Returns Curve, Population Distribution Curve and Areas of Performance, among other tools, are glimpsed in this OptimumAnswer's logo

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