VF Jeanswear (WRANGLER) is the largest division of VF Corporation, a
    USA company that is the world's largest apparel company (VFC at NYSE).

    Although Luis Molina had no knowledge of apparel manufacturing, he was a USA MBA and
    was hired as the General Manager of Blue Bell de Honduras -a WRANGLER manufacturing
    plant. WRANGLER had manufacturing plants in four countries: the USA, Mexico, Costa Rica
    and Honduras; and Blue Bell de Honduras had a very bad performance in all areas. However,
    under Luis Molina´s management, in five years Blue Bell de Honduras became the best
    WRANGLER plant ever and was regarded as the best jeans plant in the world,
    and that was achieved with Honduran direct personnel who were frequently discarded in many
    companies nearby.

    No person in the USA, Mexico or Costa Rica strove for that achievement. Anyone
    would have preferred that the number-one plant was from their country, not from
    Honduras. It was Luis Molina´s vision and management work that made an unimaginable goal
    become a solid reality. To be a number one company in the USA in your line of business, your
    quality, cost and delivery must be second to none worldwide. For this reason it is outstanding
    that the top manufacturing facility of the largest apparel company of the greatest country in
    the world was in Honduras.

    That superb WRANGLER plant was a complex operation: With the exception of marketing
    (in which Luis Molina had a marginal involvement only) all business functions had to excel.
    Planning, organizing, development of personnel and control had to be superb across all
    areas in a balanced way –manufacturing, finances, operations, administration, human
    resources, institutional development and the support services areas: quality, engineering,
    warehousing, shipping, safety, security, cafeterias, legal, community involvement and
    image, maintenance, medical services, transportation and several others areas.

    Luis Molina´s technical, human and conceptual skills made it possible. He diligently applied
    his education, experience and personal attributes into creativity and sound management which
    molded a great group of people to perform with enthusiasm, responsibility and efficiency in all
    areas. Blue Bell de Honduras´ success is a neat example of dedication (hard and smart work),
    leadership and teamwork in achieving world-class performance.

    If Luis Molina was capable of doing that while he went from being 37 to 42 years old,
    what is he able to do now that he has more knowledge, experience and maturity? His
    approach to preventing difficulties and securing optimal performance is applicable to any line
    of business or company size. This is why he offers practical and very productive management
    advising through OptimumAnswer, with the certainty that quality, cost and delivery of his
    rendered services are second to none: Not even the largest consulting firm will provide you
    with more apt solutions or implementation.

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    PS: Considering the example above, if Luis Molina was hired in Honduras as the general
    manager of a branch of a great US company (for example, an agriculture company, a
    financial institution or other service company), would that Honduran branch have a sizable
    probability of becoming the best one worldwide?

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The world's largest apparel company
The world's largest apparel company
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