Luis Molina's Achievements            



    (3) Making the Pepsi Cola Company and the Coca-Cola Company set down their rivalry, refocusing their competition
    per Luis Molina´s suggestion, and successfully work together on a Luis Molina’s project in Puerto Cortes, Honduras.

    (4) Designing a manufacturing facility in Puerto Cortes, Honduras, with the worker in mind; thus safety and comfort
    (with optimal enjoyment and dignity) was gained. This, together with Luis' designed operational functionality of the
    building, contributed to maintain a huge increase in productivity -with optimal quality, cost savings and delivery.
    This design was adopted for building other facilities in other countries.

    (5) Developing and proposing his scheme for the development of poor countries.

    (6) In just five years, transforming a sewing plant which had very bad performance in all areas into being a superb
    manufacturing facility regarded as the best 807 jeans plant in the world.

    (7) Making that same sewing plant reach the first place in quality among 25 manufacturing plants (19 in the USA, 1 in
    Mexico, 2 in Honduras and 3 in Costa Rica) and, in the process, push all those plants to collectively reach the best
    quality level that the Wrangler Company has ever had.

    (8) Having been one of the two foreign-country participants in a meeting in Washington, D. C. where Luis presented
    the US Trade Representative (USTR) a compelling negotiation position after which the USTR quit establishing 807
    apparel quotas to Honduras. This generous change of position by the USTR permitted the growth of the Maquila
    industry in Honduras –going from 9 thousand jobs in the Honduran Maquila industry in 1990 to 125 thousand in 2010
    and from US $ 16 million of gross value added (GVA) of exports from Honduras to the USA in 1990 to an estimated of
    more than US $ 1,100 million in 2010.

    (9) Inventing and successfully running the vertically-split-in-half progressive-bundle assembly line which made
    it possible to achieve constant “automatic” productivity and quality improvements which reached outstanding
    permanent levels.

    (10) Having his own radio program when he was fifteen years old.

    (11) Being selected to be the First Guide: The one Boy Scout in the troop with three white bars.

    (12) Inventing, designing, promoting (among 18 manufacturing companies, unions, banks and transportation
    companies) and successfully implementing an accord by which the 18 manufacturing companies worked on
    Saturdays and Sundays (taking other two weekly days-off) in a 7-week rotating schedule which allowed all
    the 18 companies to work (with normal daily work hours) 44 hours per week while the Electrical Company was
    capable of supplying power only 40% of the time.

    (13) Inventing what Luis considers to be a really good system to select stocks and mutual funds when overall rising
    trends begin in stock markets. This system grades shares and mutual funds based on several factors including Beta
    values, P/E Ratios, historical value earnings and the ms G factor which is Luis' secret element to play a great game.

    (14) After studying the standard body-building methods of the great US masters, proposing his theory and
    technique that once-a-week exercising is enough for the normal (nonprofessional, not competing) exerciser
    to achieve optimal results –including reaching top cardiovascular development with just a two-hour exercise
    session per week applying maximum effort and optimal technique and rest on the same day. To Luis´ surprise
    and satisfaction, a similar proposal was later also introduced by one of the great masters, Mike Mentzer, PhD
    in his last book.

    (15) Being regarded by his oldest daughter and her four
    U.S. university roommates as the best father of the five.

    (16) Inventing a solution for the control of prices of medicines in Honduras, making the control effective in all the
    Honduras territory in spite of freight cost differentials, by just establishing that each retail price (printed on labels
    on each retail product) would be equal on all the territory (regardless of distances or freight costs) by having the
    medicine distribution companies absorbing the freight cost differentials. The distributors, the Government and
    the general public all liked this solution in the mid-70s.

    (17) Making three several-years-old manufacturing plants reach their production volume records in less than
    three months, without overtime. The three plants had excellent managers and efficiency was very good for two
    of the three plants, but after Luis´ approach their efficiency increased substantially for the three plants -7%, 11%
    and 26% respectively.

    (18) When doing his graduate work at Minnesota State University, Mankato, being regarded by his professor of Cost
    Accounting, Dr. Ruggle, as his best student ever during his 25 years of teaching his courses in Mankato and in the
    University of Minnesota. [Some university work information: MBA Title, grades and graduation paper. BA in Economics graduation grades.]  

    PS: Luis also had his first girlfriend when he was just six years old :) (:
    Luis Molina´s dearest self-perceived
    accomplishments are
    listed here,
    not to brag, but because people are better known when
    knowing what they appreciate and what they are proud of.
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LFM's oldest daughter's U.S. Presidential Academic Fitness Award
LFM's oldest daughter's U.S. National Honor Society of Secondary Schools membership
LFM's oldest daughter's Phi Beta Kappa membership
Esta foto mouseover de Luis Felipe Molina fue tomada en 08-25-2005 por su hijo menor -entonces de 12 aņos de edad.