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This OS' logo glimpses several images: a winding road (the S of Solutions in the O of Optimal), two complementary parts like matching parts of a puzzle, ocean and land meeting, the clasp of two hands
.............Optimal Solutions for [difficult] management problems and facilitating optimal performance


    Why to accept my offer of managerial support services?


    For the following reasons:

    (1) In business there are always opportunities for profitable improvement. However, often there is no time to devote to
    create or implement solutions. There are 'problems' (management challenges and opportunities) that continue due to
    lack of an external view –similar to our EXTERNAL FOCUS that we offer to provide.

    (2) Developing the highest potential of ANY company requires revisions coming from an external view. Around the world,
    companies that reach PEAK SUCCESS use external support. You don't want to exclude your company from peak
    performance; you don't want to exclude your company from our review services.

    (3) It is natural that there are matters that cannot be perceived internally -even with the use of all internal knowledge and
    capabilities in all areas, including: productivity and costs; quality; products, and strategies and tactics of marketing; financial
    structure; expansion, diversification and alternatives of development or organizational restructuring; methods of operation,
    control and re-planning; prevention or solution of problems of all kinds.

    With so many factors and their multiple variables, it is better to
    temporarily rely on a couple of additional expert eyes once in a while.

    (4) After three weeks, our work for you will be complete: We will make findings which allow us to present you with a
    practical and effective MENU to PREVENT difficulties (which could be vital) and ENSURE results (that are optimal and
    permanent). Our solutions are not theoretical or just re-focus on what is already known.

    Our DIAGNOSIS AND PRESCRIPTION service is listed at the Services page in our Internet site. It is a complete
    and effective review, carried out in only three weeks. It includes: (A) a SWOT analysis (an identification of strengths,
    weaknesses/limitations, opportunities and threats); (B) our proprietary ‘External Focus - Thinking and Talking
    Technology’ (EF-TTT) study of people using their tools -in all areas of the company; and (C) a review of the entire
    business which includes: (a) organization, (b) methods of operation and (c) procedures for control-readjustment in
    all the business functions. This includes operations, finances, marketing, administration, human resources - with
    varied scope according to each company and situation. We also cover support areas such as engineering, quality
    control, research and development, logistics and other areas corresponding to each company which are all
    addressed in our review.

    Our CONFIDENTIAL REPORT for you will be concise, to the point and effective –it may be only three-pages long or less;
    with unique recommendations (not generic) about your company and its situation. Our recommendations will make it easier
    for you to continue with the sustained development of your business, ensuring continuous excellence and high profitability.

    (5) We will be a member of your team for three weeks and will work in harmony with your people; without wasting
    anyone´s time and almost without being noticed. Our work complements the INTERNAL VIEW - providing the SYNERGY
    that allows the development of the company´s potential [as mentioned at reason (2) above].

    (6) In general, we'll help make the company very profitable. And, if it is already profitable, we'll help make it
    even more profitable; in the short term and on a permanent basis.

    (7) Our services will help a company in good times and bad, just like a timely medical checkup can diagnose problems and
    prescribe solutions when you are sick and find potential problems when you are healthy. Similarly, Optimum Answer can
    provide a rain coat to fix the leaks when it is raining (in bad times), or we can provide a hose to find the leaks when it
    sunny (in good times), so they can be fixed as well.

    (8) Our work in support of senior management that we offer you is consistent with the essence of the managerial work:
    direct and develop the company through the work of other people. Our managerial support work will be CONFIDENTIAL,
    PRACTICAL and VERY PRODUCTIVE -so productive that we call it: '$1000 for $1'. The return on your investment will bring
    more peace of mind and prosperity. We will provide stability allowing continuous growth.

    (9) We do not offer standard products which we try to sell nor study how to recommend and force a company to adapt
    to standard products. Instead, with drive and efficiency, we will custom-design solutions for each client -based on our specific
    findings in each company. We will use our broad and solid base of knowledge, experience and methodology to accomplish
    this without preconceived formulas or recipes.

    We will work for you, identifying real challenges and opportunities of your company; and we will put forward, for your
    consideration, optimal solutions with which, in addition, you and your people feel pleased.

    (10) We know that success does not come from unnecessary change which causes delays and costs money. In enterprises
    that have sustained success there is continuity and tradition that can be gradually evolved into creating the best business
    possible. Instead of changing what the company does, the best is to help it to do it better. The contributions from our
    external services will provide the synergy to make these changes easier. This is an essential trait for great companies small
    or large: Companies that last, grow and are perfected, multiplying their profitability in the short term and across generations.

    (11) Note especially that:

    (a) As in a football team: the more good players you have, the better. It only takes missing one key player to
    lose the championship. We will integrate the team for the time necessary to win the championship title for
    your business. We'll join your team and help train them instead of trying to adapt your company new training
    equipment or synthetic grass that we sell.

    (b) The diagnosis and prescription that we offer you will come from the findings that we accomplish in your
    company (it won't be a generic or preconceived recipe): It will be a practical MENU for different areas – a solid
    basis for developing full potential at the optimal pace of the company.

    (c) There is no justification for not absorbing the knowledge and benefiting from the experience that we want to
    share. Our work will provide much in a short time with a low investment -which is consistent with our Curve of
    Diminishing Returns (CDR) approach: CDR1 (and perhaps CDR2) at 1000 for 1. [If you wish, we´ll gladly provide
    you with details on the various aspects of the methodology of work that we have developed over time.]

    (d) We'll provide results with years of knowledge and experience with creativity and inexhaustible capability
    Thanks to God.

    (12) Let´s remember the story that because of the failure of a single nail in a horseshoe of cavalry a Kingdom was lost. The
    moral: in a company there are many details with implications which are potentially vital, that needs to be identified in time
    thanks to the external approach - as any good blacksmith could drive a nail wrong without realizing it.

    (13) Your company is VERY valuable and it has cost a lot of effort, and you must make sure that you will KEEP IT operating
    with EXCELLENCE now and permanently. The assistance of a temporary co-pilot for checking the operations is a key to
    great managers.

    (14) We'll need only three weeks to fully execute our work, which may provide you with the BIGGEST return on your
    investment -for instance '$500 for only $0.50', thanks to the following essential characteristics of our methodology:

    A- Our curve of diminishing returns (CDR) approach may provide much in little time and the most in the beginning.
    [Our second CDR would also be very productive, because it'd start at the highest level of the first CDR – and,
    if necessary, a second CRD would be taken with the confidence that the first CDR was successful.]

    B- Our EF-TTT procedure in combination with our experience allows for quickly multiple findings - possibly vital and
    probably of great impact.

    C- Our low fixed costs and overhead permit that we charge low fees. We do not have permanent staff and would use
    specialists’ assistance only when it was really needed. The personnel of the company can easily provide what is
    necessary, complementing our External Approach.

    D- The natural productivity of our kind of services that we offer may provide much of the contributions of a permanent
    Support Manager or Advisor, but with the investment of only few weeks of work. This does not interfere in any way
    in the work of others and is one of the reasons for the widespread use of external management support in advanced

    (15) Just as there is nothing to compare with your company, there is nothing that exceeds the quality, cost and delivery
    of our services. Nothing.

    (16) We offer world class work, because we enjoy what we do and we have:

    (a) Optimal academic training - including economics [see this real micro-economic analysis -a
    small sample of our work] and the MBA from the Minnesota State University, Mankato; in addition to
    the training in finances, in manufacturing and in many other diverse areas. [The USA MBA is the preferred
    CEO in this great country, because the USA MBA is a professional prepared with top business knowledge
    in the world leading country -proven and practical knowledge which is applicable to all kinds of business.]

    (b) Optimal practical experience - on the optimization of the essential functions of businesses,
    successfully applied in a diversity of companies -even reaching top world-class performance.

    (17) If you have not taken the wise decision of taking advantage of the benefits of our work (at 1000 for 1), do not dismiss
    our offer: Better to leave it in consideration and take the time to evaluate and decide to use our services later.
    If you are already convinced that you will greatly benefit from our work for you, then let´s schedule today to start the review.

    (18) If you are unsure that you will derive great benefit (at 1000 for 1), what your objections or doubts are? Please send us
    your comments with complete freedom and confidence that we will provide a solution.

    (19) You have nothing to lose. We will gladly send you our offer of services by email. Contact us with any question or
    comment by email or using our contact form.

    With enthusiasm and gratitude,

    Luis Felipe Molina
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